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We service a very specific niche within the food industry. Our products are used by companies that require hot peppers as an ingredient.

Companies served include Co packers, hot sauce manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, snack processors, and private label manufacturers.

We take our freshly harvested peppers and process them into basically four different products. These are acidified or fermented pepper mash/puree, dehydrated peppers, brined peppers, smoked/chipotle peppers.

Pepper mash is basically fermented or acidified, for fermented mash we use fresh peppers ground with salt only and left to ferment for a period of roughly 30 days. Acidified mash is composed of ground fresh peppers blended with ph reducing agents to come up with a stable, salt free mash.

Our dehydrated line  is composed of peppers in whole, flakes and powder forms. We take fresh peppers and dry them to under 10% humidity by processing them with our food grade batch and continues belt dehydrators.

The brined pepper line offers peppers in pickle form, our main product undoubtedly are jalapeños, we offer them whole, in nacho slices or dices.

We also offer chipotle peppers, we  process them dry whole, in flakes, powder, and also in a wet mash. Our Chipotle complies with anthraquinone residue requirements.

Proaji’s certifications include FSSC22000 and KOSHER.


Collecting jalapeños after washing process


Habanero peppers ready for drying


Collection of Habanero peppers


Habanero mash packed in 1,000 kilo tote

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